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Project Name:
Jersey Village SSA Office

Location: Jersey Village, Texas 77040

Project Size: 32,430 SF
Completion: Under Construction
Building Type: Office

Jersey Village SSA Office (.pdf)

This facility was built to provide a new office for the Social Security Administration on the northwest side of Houston. This office building serves to both office SSA employees and to provide service to the public. In addition to the office space and training facilities, there are 48 different interview counters for SSA employees to interact with customers.

WM Dillard & Associates worked with the Owner on this project from site selection through design and on to construction. In this process, WM Dillard was able to coordinate with the Owner and Architect on material selection and value engineering.

The building is structural steel and block with a TPO roof system over the main roof and a curved metal roof over arched deck at the center of the building. The exterior is masonry block and brick with glass curtain wall at the entry.


Project Name:
Conroe SSA Office Building

Location: Conroe, Texas 77304

Project Size: 22,935 SF
Completion: Under Construction
Building Type: Office

Conroe SSA Office Building (.pdf)

This project was built for the Social Security Administration to replace their existing lease facility in Conroe, Texas. It will include office area for SSA employees, a training area, and 31 interview counters for servicing the public.

The building is structural steel with a TPO roof and a masonry exterior. There are areas of metal roof as an accent at the entry and along the front of the building.


Project Name:
Northcourt Business Center

Location: Houston, Texas 77040

Project Size: 15,825 SF
Completion: March 2009
Building Type: Office/Warehouse

Northcourt Business Center (.pdf)

This project is the first of three buildings planned on a site in northwest Houston. The project included detention for the entire site and this 15,825 SF building with 3,612 SF of mezzanine. The building was designed and built to serve as the headquarters for WM Dillard and provide additional lease space.

The interior build-out for WM Dillard includes an exposed mezzanine with rails overlooking the first floor. This open concept creates an optimal flow through the office between various work functions.
The design also incorporates a storage mezzanine and a larger ground-level storage area.


Project Name:
Sugar Land Corporate Center

Location: Sugar Land, Texas 77478

Project Size: 171,240 SF
Completion: January 2009
Building Type: Office/Warehouse

Sugar Land Corporate Center (.pdf)

This project consists of two 85,620 SF tilt-wall office/warehouse buildings that were designed to accommodate leases on the southwest side of Houston. The project is designed with flexibility to handle a number of smaller leases or single-building tenants.

W.M. Dillard & Associates worked closely with the Owner on multiple building configurations to help determine the best master plan for the 22-acre site. These two buildings are the first phase of a four-building development on the site in Sugar Land


Project Name:
Betz Corporate Office

Location: Houston, Texas 77092

Project Size: 51,134 SF
Completion: July 2008
Building Type: Office

Betz Office Building

The Betz Corporate Office Building is 3-story shell office building which was built to accommodate The Betz Companies and additional leases. This Class A office building was designed with the amenities to attract top companies and has a nice appeal with its stucco and stone exterior. The interior has numerous upgrades throughout to maintain a superior office environment.

W.M. Dillard & Associates was involved in this project from conception and worked with both the Owner and Architect in value engineering through the design process and budgeting to keep to project costs in line. Since completion of the building, W.M. Dillard & Associates has continued the project with interior construction while building out lease spaces for four different tenants.


Project Name:
SW Houston SSA Office Building

Location: Houston, Texas 77099

Project Size: 27,840 SF
Completion: March 2008
Building Type: Office Renovation
Parking Garage

SW Houston SSA Office Building (.pdf)

This project included the renovation of an office building that was more recently used as a church. To meet the Social Security Administration’s needs, the building required demolition of nearly all of the existing built-out space and re-construction of new facilities for the SSA. WM Dillard & Associates worked closely with the Owner and the Architect as there was a short window from project start to completion.

This project site lacked the high parking requirement of the SSA. Therefore, WM Dillard & Associates built a 2-story parking garage to accommodate the parking needs. This 28,500 SF structure was built of structural steel with concrete over metal deck on the 2nd floor. Because of a short time-frame for the garage completion, W.M. Dillard & Associates worked with the Owner to design/build the parking garage.


Project Name: Angleton SSA Office

Location: Angleton, Texas 77515

Project Size: 10,920 SF
Completion: March 2007
Building Type: Office

Angelton SSA Office (.pdf)


The Social Security Administration had a requirement for a new SSA Office in Angleton. After choosing between multiple teams of Owner’s, architects, and contractors, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) selected the proposal from ABEC Group which included W.M. Dillard & Associates as the General Contractor. During the bidding process, W.M. Dillard worked closely with ABEC Group and Carroll Architects to determine preliminary pricing. Once awarded the job, W.M. Dillard & Associates worked with the Owner and Architect in value engineering to keep the project costs at the set budget levels.

The building construction is primarily a metal building structure with structural steel and masonry block at the entry. The roof is a standing seam metal roof and the exterior is masonry.


Project Name:
WFI Office Building

Location: Houston, Texas 77022

Project Size: 12,045 SF
Completion: December 2006
Building Type: Office Building

WFI Office Building

This office building is home to the WFI International Houston office and supports their forging operations in Houston, Texas. The project was a collaborative effort between W.M. Dillard and the Owner as WFI wanted to obtain a certain look along the lines of their parent office in Pennsylvania while designing for the Houston market.

The building has a metal building structure with a standing seam metal roof. The exterior walls are metal stud with a block and stone exterior. W.M.
Dillard & Associates priced several different options as WFI wanted to consider quite a few upgrades. A
number of the upgrades were selected for the facility.


Project Name:
Glazier Foods

Location: Houston, Texas

Project Size: 280,000 SF
Completion: February 2005
Building Type: Freezer/Cold Storage/Office

Glazier Foods

Glazier Foods re-located their facilities from multiple buildings just west of downtown Houston to a new "state of the art" facility in the greater northwest Houston area. When it came to their search for a design! build firm. W.M. Dillard & Associates was able to provide them someone
local that could put the whole project together. Working with Glazier Foods closely in a design that was built around their operations, WMD Design was able to provide a cost effective solution for their re-location.

Their new facility now includes nearly 40,000 SF of office, a 50,000 SF freezer, a 30,000 SF cooler, 19,000 SF of cold dock area and 113,000 square feet of dry storage. The facility also includes a standalone 17,000 maintenance facility for their trucks and equipment.


Project Name:
CSR Hydro Conduit Manufacturing Facility

Location: Houston, Texas 77092

Project Size: 191,386 SF
Completion: September 2001
Building Type: Manufacturing


The Houston manufacturing facility owned by Rinker (formerly CSR) Hydro Conduit is a world-class fully automated concrete pipe manufacturing plant, and the largest such facility in the United States. All aspects of the production and handling process are automated and computer-controlled, from the watching of concrete to the final testing of products, and even the cleaning of equipment. As a result, the design and construction of the facility had a degree of complexity and close tolerances unusual for a manufacturing facility.

The project consisted of a 60 acre site containing a regional headquarters office, a freestanding employee support facility, and two automated pipe plants, in addition to detention facilities, a concrete batch plant, and other site improvements. Subsequent to the completion of this facility, Rinker has continued to rely on W.M. Dillard and Associates for design and construction of additional improvements to this and other plants.


Project Name:
Fairbanks Post Office

Location: Houston, Texas 77040

Project Size: 33,610 SF
Completion: April 1995
Building Type: Postal Facility

Fairbanks Post Office (.pdf)

The Fairbanks Postal Facility is full-service post office and neighborhood distribution facility serving northwest Houston, freestanding on a 10 acre site. The building itself is an attractive 33,610 sf facility housing a distribution! sorting work room, with look-out gallery, locker and break room facilities, as well as a full loading dock and supervisory offices. The site also includes an extensive fenced and gated delivery fleet and employee parking area.

The public area includes a full service postal facility with rental box lobby and a "Quick-Post" retail facility, The finishes include decorative brickwork and ornamental metal, extensive millwork, and a well landscaped site, typical of the numerous post offices constructed by Dillard & Associates during the late 1990's.


Project Name:
Heights Transit Center

Location: Houston, Texas 77008

Project Size: Canopy Shelter/Paving
Completion: July 1991
Building Type: Government- METRO

Heights Transit Center

Located in the historical Houston Heights area
of Houston, the Heights Transit Center serves
as both a neighborhood landmark and a public transportation gateway for the surrounding community, The canopy structure, a contemporary reinterpretation of the great railroad stations of the past, covers a patterned concrete platform inlaid with circular "carpets" of rich colored brick pavers.

Custom steel trusses are expressed as aesthetic elements, and the roof and skylights are sculpted to provide visual emphasis for this public structure. The transit center's scale and character are sympathetic to the surrounding neighborhood. The canopy structure shares the site with an urban pocket park. Extensive landscaping, benches and park lighting define outdoor rooms and serve as a transition to the residential neighborhood.

This project was designed by Rey de la Reza Architects and constructed by W.M. Dillard& Associates. This is one of twelve projects built by W.M. Dillard & Associates for METRO.


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